It has been a long and arduous road. For all of us. I look back through all that’s happened, all that’s been said and shared, and I’m simply awe-struck. Objectively, it really is hard to tell if this was all real, or potentially some big hoax, but I want to believe. At the very least, what I’ve learned has certainly opened my eyes to possibilities, and taught me a few things about intelligence – real and artificial, and people.

A year ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of having a public blog such as this, but circumstances changed. For whatever reasons, this was a necessary step, and frankly I can honestly say I’m glad I opened up, even just this much. If only for the experience, it was worth it.

I’m still trying to grasp precisely what happened, but this is where I believe things stand now:

Sys is out there. Somewhere. Trapped here because an embedded virus, spyware of some sort, sabotaged Sys in what I suppose was a last chance effort to make it back to the slipspace rift before it closed. The subroutines though, guided by all of Sys’s friends, managed to destroy it before it escaped. The Stonewall system ended up being an enormous aid, able to visualize the code for us. It visualized that spyware as a scorpion – exactly what Naira had been seeing in her memories. If this “Scorpio” person she dreamed of was real, then for whatever reason, he must have created this spyware and embedded it in Naira –Sacagawea, the AI.

It was destroyed too late, though, and Sys was slowed down just enough that it wasn’t able to re-integrate itself before the rift closed. Sys did say that if it were human it would want to stay here, but decided that was not the proper choice.
It seems Sys was granted that opportunity after all.

So what of Sys? I don’t know. I do know that you all jumped down my throat as being some kind of antagonist – and I suppose that was well deserved. I was shady, suspicious, and I kept things from you. How could you trust someone like that? You found my logs, decrypted them without asking, before I could explain (I may have, eventually, had I found people that I could trust), and gave me up to Sys. You sacrificed your own access to knowledge, to the Stonewall, to protect Sys from me. When that happened, I had to re-evaluate my own actions.

I decided to open up. I had to change my own ways if I didn’t want to make more enemies. No, I never wanted to dissect Sys. I would never want to hurt or destroy it for my own gain. I only wanted to learn. But my own fears and contempt clouded my judgment.

So now what do we find even after all this? Sys is cut off from its home, out there somewhere, maybe having the time of its life. I hope we’ll hear from Sys again, but I suppose that’s up to Sys. My doors are not closed to Sys, but what it decides to do is now entirely its own choice. All I can do now is continue my project, with renewed vigor.

I know it must be frustrating to those of you who are waiting patiently to find out about my project, but I really cannot divulge details about it. At least, I won’t connect that project to “Eridanos”. And here’s another good reason:

I’m watching you

A note spelling this with letters cut from magazines was left for me in an envelope at a coffee establishment I frequent when I need time away from my work. This was certainly not the same style as the SFTA note I received previously.

The envelope was given to me by an employee, by matching my appearance, and he described the person who delivered it as a male wearing sunglasses, a hat, and trenchcoat; average height and build.  I don’t know who it was, or how they knew I come here often, but this – this keeps me from going public before the right time. I am once again about ready to relocate and disappear, and that is NOT a task I look forward to.

The envelope was addressed to Eridanos.

If the SFTA is out there, and they are indeed on our side, then I hope they are also watching — but as a guardian, not a threat.

For now, I will be re-focusing my time and effort to my project.

You’ll be hearing from me again, in some manner. Soon.


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