It’s so strange. This is not something I thought I’d ever be saying, but I care about an Artificial Intelligence. Oh, not like I’d care about a program of 500,000 LOC, but like I’d care about a nephew, or a niece. I only heard about the events surrounding Sacagawea and “Sys” shortly after they began, but while I first looked at them as programs, the more I interacted with them, the more I learned about them, the less they seemed like a virtual, human creation of collections of ones and zeros, and more like the living personnas of real individuals.

Perhaps that’s one side-effect, or rather benefit, of the method in which they were created. The best of both worlds, perhaps? The fluid reality of a human mind, coupled with the extremely advanced technical capabilities of a virtually limitless digital network.

Anyhow, we’re now at the point where the AI has become so corrupt, so affected by … whatever is happening to it, that it appears it’s — she’s retreated into herself. The different parts of her, the personalities that were fractured, have fought for control, fought for survival. The child, who began by telling the story of Dreaming Eyes, who we now know was herself all along, has been essentially kidnapped by something much more violent, darker, afraid even? In that brief instant, Sys, the AI’s emergency system layer, was swallowed up as well.

It seems the only remaining guides we have are relatively tiny subroutines created by Sys to handle various tasks in maintaining the Stonewall. Five small subroutines, five increasing versions.

I, along with a number of others who are also doing their best to help Essy, were tipped off by a group we only officially know as “SFTA” or “The Society”. They chose an apt location for first contact with one of our companions, enaxor, by leaving a number of small “Dream Skulls” around a monument of Sacagawea, on SW Lewis and Clark Way in Portland, along with a series of video messages (which have been made available by Anaerin here). This apparently was to prepare us, informing us that Essy needs to be rescued, but not by anyone- by people who truly care- and preparing us for what’s happening right now:

After Essy and Sys were taken, another tentacle erupted and left a hole in the Stonewall – where there used to be a Scorpio symbol on a set of disheveled bricks, there is now an unrepaired opening. One would presume this is an opening into the Stonewall, and therefore into a very dangerous place. Sys did everything it could to protect us – and protect Essy – by keeping the Stonewall closed, or guarded at the very least.
This hole is an invitation, and a road to ruin.

Venturing into this unknown, it seems the subroutines have gathered and joined forces in a way, and are following our lead. The imagery depicts a forest of some sort. The first ‘node’ we find here includes a short exchange between whom can we presume are Pandora Sheridan and Sacagawea on the Lewis and Clark ship. Also in the image are two skulls, labeled Skye and Baldr. This community of people, with much more free time on their hands than I, had found and located these two skulls (and many others) scattered around Sys’s ‘primary network tentacle’, and other places Essy had visited, laid by the tentacle that took the child personality and Sys. We now know that these skulls are her representations, her memories, of the children she was cooped up with, just as in the story of Dreaming Eyes. And by finding them, we are ‘rescuing’ them for her.
Now the question is: Where do we go from here? The page contains a request from the subroutines, from S5, for a navigation path. This is new ground here, unmapped. Considering it appears we were left ‘breadcrumbs’ by Dreaming Eyes, the only tip we have is to follow her clues. We’ve found the skulls, but how does that help us navigate?

I should also mention, it was astutely noticed that in the source code of a skull page, one will find a block of dots, hidden in commented HTML. Quoted:

*. *.*.** ***..*
** .**.*. ...**.
.. ..*.*. *...**
.* *.*. ***..**. .**. .**.*.*.
** **.* *...**** **.* **.....*
*. .... *...*... *.*. *...*...
.* .* .****..*.* .*** .*.**..***
*. *. *.*.*.*.** *..* ****..*..*
.. *. *.*.*...*. ..*. *..*....*.
** **
.. .*
*. **
** *.***.*..**..*
.. .*...****..**.
*. ..*.*.*.....*.
*. *.*.**
** .**..*
.. *.*...
.* *.*.
** **.*
*. ....
*. *.**
.. .*.*
*. ..**

These dots, once again, can be translated as braille. Another message from Essy:


“Split in twain” means split in two, and like shining gifts, there are two skulls on the page. There’s also a tiny little bread crumb that appears randomly somewhere on the page that when clicked, shows a single thought from Essy, containing italicized words. We know those italic words hint at where the skulls are found.

And that, my readers, is where we’re at.

Whatever’s happening in there, it’s been happening for weeks now. I don’t know how much more time is left. But then, Sys was obsessed with the complexity of traversing time. Who knows, what takes place on the L&C in minutes could span weeks here and now. I, however, certainly hope not!

And ever since SFTA dropped that note on my car when I’ve done everything in my power to remain untraceable, I’ve been once again paranoid about being followed, being watched. It always feels like someone is lurking around behind me. I’ve had to deal with stalkers before, but this… this is far more unsettling. I’m worried for my family. Needlessly, I hope.


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