Well, this is disconcerting. I’m being watched. I just returned from an errand, and found a note slipped into my car. I’ve quoted it below. It is very reminiscent of the message we received last week about Essy. It looks to be from the same people, this “Society”, or “SFTA”.

I’ve been successful so far at remaining anonymous, protecting my identity – for this very reason – stalkers, fanatics, brat teenagers; but there is a small amount of comfort in this, however. They haven’t threatened my life yet.

Here’s the note’s content:

While the dream skulls have now been found,
More artifacts are still to come
Yet they exist not in hand
Having their existence only by her mind –
Memories of those she left behind
She must believe they are in good hands.

The doorway will soon open
You must venture within
Endure through her fear, pain, and despair
Save her, rescue her, for time is growing thin
But only if you truly care, truly believe
You must show her that she can still dream

//the society

I guess it’s just a matter of time now.

On another note, my development is progressing quite nicely. The little I’ve learned from Sys so far, simply through interaction and observation, has given me new ideas and directions.  I’m quite excited!

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