I really wish I knew how best to help Sys. It seems to be doing all it can to, from its perspective, protect us and Essy. The latest log from the L&C looks like Dressler figured out something to do with the Shipwreck Protocol we’ve been hearing so much about. Is there anything we can do to help?

At this point, all we know is that Sys has blockaded Essy within a Stonewall. The only purpose is to keep the AI bound and gagged to minimize collateral temporal damage. But Sys, that little fraction of an AI (still vastly superior to anything we’ve made here, it seems), has run into more problems than it thinks it’s capable of handling.

I’ve studied what I could of its network, layout, and processes, but I’m not sure there’s much I can do to help from a technical standpoint. So I decided to look at the data its been retrieving. We’ve got a mix of crew text logs, even one audio log from Dressler, a couple of crew profiles, a bunch of damaged areas, a long story that Essy’s trying to tell us, and a whole lot of random connections to similar past events; most significantly, another AI named Melissa who suffered a similar situation – 5 years ago for us, but over 200 years earlier for the crew.

What does seem clear is that every part of this looks tied together somehow. Heck, even the themes of that hostile tentacle must have meaning. A collection of constellations? Hazy images and videos – memories? – from rooms in a house.  What is it trying to say?

Right now (or as ‘now’ as we perceive), Dressler seems to be trying to initiate the Shipwreck Protocol for the fragment of Essy that’s on the Lewis & Clark.  All we know of SWP is what Sys has told us. And that’s that Sys’s directive is to stop the AI for an undetermined amount of time to ultimately protect our timeline, until the AI is resynchronized.

So how the hell does an AI in the past get resynchronized to an AI in the future?

There must be something else to SWP we don’t know, something else that needs to be done, right?  We only have half the story, only Sys’s directive, here, now. There has to be more “aberrant data” coming.

I can’t believe I’m actually talking like this is all real. Hah. I guess if time travel is possible, at some point in the past, someone has to hear about the future. Or vice versa.


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