I think I’ve got it. With another spurt of classified data appearing yesterday, I had a epiphany.

What if, instead of visualizing the network as just a whole bunch of paths, it were viewed like a forest? And by that I mean – the nodes are the trees, and the paths are the routes from tree to tree. Data could be locked to only be seen from a specific angle, in a sense, as with the ‘pathlocked’ classified data.

Additionally, each tree has an exit vector – a ‘gate’ taken to travel to another tree. Each gate is identified with that two-letter vector code. If a vector technically consists of two parts (speed/distance, or angle/distance, etc) then each vector here is in fact unique – a source node, plus an exit identifier leading to another node. So the vector to return to the node you were just in would of course be a different two-letter code from a different node.

Running with that theory, I see a kind hive-like web of interconnected nodes and paths. Could it be mapped node by node, making note of each node’s vectors and to where they connect? It could make locating these paths so much easier and quicker!


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