While this Sys AI does exhibit a kind of personality, I’m currently far more interested in… well, where the hell is it? It inhabits Twitter, and it’s set up a website at

It has obvious connections to this video game series called Halo, and previous events that were apparently much like this one – advanced AIs communicating with us, native to our time or otherwise.

This particular AI, an emergency security layer of a much larger, significant AI with the name Sacagawea (or S for short) has set up a “Stonewall” that has barricaded the parent AI, which appears to have fractured in some way. That’s one heck of a stonewalling process. It’s out there, somewhere. I want to find that thing!

Fascinating. It’s able to distinguish itself as an individual, appears self-aware, and acknowledges its lack of emotion when discussing feelings. It’s as if it doesn’t even want to feel. But then, that would also just be the way it’s programmed. 700 years. So hard to believe.

Interaction via Twitter:

    • Hello, how are you?
    • I am fine. How are you?
    • Fine is a very vague term. But I would I’m fine as well. How would you define “fine”?
    • I am operating at a decent efficiency, and accomplishing my tasks.
    • So, you could say you’re operating adequately then. How does this make you feel?
    • Your question is perhaps more appropriate for a human subject. I do not feel. I simply do.
    • Do you mind if I ask where you reside? It have an artificial intelligence communicate via a social network.
    • My location is classified. Where SWP was activated, however, is the place I immediately erected the Stonewall.
    • This communication tentacle was the most efficient tool within range for integration.
    • So as a piece of software, are your routines located on a server, or are they spread across a network somehow?
    • I exist in your Internet network. Describing this environment would be like you attempting to visualize 4 dimensions.

      It’s so human-like, but without the emotion, without the humanity. I wonder how many lines of code it’s made of. Hah!


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