I’ve begun researching an intriguing entity that has strangely appeared on the social networking site Twitter, under the account intimation.

It’s hard to tell if this is real or a prank, but it purports to have arrived from the future. With a LOT of digging, one finds it has traveled most likely from over 700 years in the future.

The circumstances of its situation are shady, but right now I’m more interested in the functionality of this thing. If it is real, then this is one highly advanced artificial intelligence! (At least by our standards, in 2009).

If I can somehow communicate with it and find out more about it, what I could learn would be invaluable! I’ve created a twitter account so that I can observe it a little closer, and I’m encrypting these posts just to avoid detection by Sys if it pokes around. What it doesn’t know won’t hurt it.


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