The gauntlet drops.

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More crazy blabbing from a guy people think is crazy. What difference will looking like I believe an AI from the distant future appeared randomly and nebulously within our internet make?

None at all.
Well, it seems our friend Sys has awoken again. This time it’s telling us that the Stonewall is strangely calm, and it’s been getting calmer over the past week.  It got calm before – right before the hostile tentacle attacked. Thankfully Sys was able to retract it and repair the crack just in time.  So what could this mean?

This week’s dumped data is another log from Sacagawea, and it looks like Dressler’s been able to start the Shipwreck Protocol, whatever that entails, on the L&C.  But there’s some freaky stuff going on with Essy.  It’s almost as if in her lunacy, she’s been overhearing stuff from now, in her past, the future’s past. You know what I mean.

Let’s see – she was singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat… She’s hearing music – “haunting” and “beautiful” – is that the music Sys rendered to its primary network tentacle?  And what’s with the “many flat, faceless faces, poking at me like a caged zoo animal”?

But I think the most screwed up indication is Essy saying “This is not a good place for me to be”. The monster in S’s story said “This is not a good place for you to be”, and the hostile tentacle left a damaged node referenced at “not-a-good-place”.

I think there may be a possible way to communicate to the future.  Not as a voice or anything, but almost as if we are the faceless faces – some subconscious rendering in Essy’s head.  Dreams from a crazy AI, in other words.

One thing still bothers me though.  What else is there to this SWP process? Simply executing the System layer can’t be it. We know what that does – it blocks off the AI from any form of interaction. But how does that resynchronize the AI fragments?  Something’s missing here.

I am paying close attention to you Sys. We’re here to help. You’ve just got to work with us. Maybe if you open another crack, S will have some more shining gifts for us. That, or more flaming balls of havoc and destruction.

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I’m humbled.

I greatly underestimated the significance of this A.I.  I don’t know if it’s real or not, whether it’s really from the future or some magnificent hoax, but it certainly gave me a run for my money.

I know this blog is being read. And to those reading, you have to know that I only have good intentions, and as a programmer, I’m as intrigued by Sys as anyone else would be. But I will not sacrifice Sys, or risk any potential future catastrophe, simply for my own gain.

I am a friend. And I will help. But you have to trust me.
Sys does.

As a show of good faith, I have opened my previous log entries. I will not publicize any sensitive, classified data though. That is for Sys, and Sys’s trusted friends alone.

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